Friday, 5 July 2013

Fifty Sheds of Grey

Fifty Sheds of Grey by Idreamofpies
Fifty Sheds of Grey, a photo by Idreamofpies on Flickr.
Plot 47a has seen some progress this year after a very late start due to the weather. A new patch has been reclaimed from the undergrowth and planted with tayties. Another patch has been covered with carpets ready to start digging over in the autumn for next years new patch. 

Just discovered tonight a hose line and bits, hidden away, making the watering can redundant...happy days.

Beds are meeting with mixed success thus far and Linda's horse byproduct is proving very helpful. Also a huge number of frogs knocking about and a significantly large ginger rat which may be a new species known to science, Rattus Humungus.

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