Sunday, 1 March 2015

Pieminister Pies: Manchester

Pieminister Pies Manchester Northern Quater
What a delight to finally experience the edible offerings at a Pieminister Pies outlet. Two of the Pie tribe were wandering around Manchester and not far from Piccadily Gardens, on Church Street in the northern quarter, we find the restaurant.

Plenty of taste to choose from........
Staff were great, plenty to choose from, some offers, plenty of optional choices ,a reasonble selection of drinks and some nice puds. The service is good and the staff alert. It's not a huge place but comfortable and enjoyable. We'll be going again soon hopefully. Nice one Pieminister Pies.

Hard to argue against .......

Friday, 20 February 2015


Holland’s have a new competition, the details of which are quoted below. Which is your favourite accompaniment?

"For years Holland’s has been producing tasty pies that the people of the UK have come to love – now the proper pie makers have decided that their pies need a companion, which will be available to buy as a tasty accompaniment for Holland’s range of pies and puds. But Holland’s need your help in deciding what that might be!

The search is on to find the perfect condiment for Holland’s Pies; maybe you smother your pie in gravy – but what type? Or maybe it’s that tasty chip chop curry sauce that tingles your taste buds! Maybe it’s traditional brown sauce or ketchup that adds that something extra. Or is there a secret ingredient that you add to your pie? Whatever it is Holland’s would like to know!

To enter, simply head to Holland’s Facebook or Twitter page and post your suggestion, using the hashtag #perfectpies or email with your name and address and perfect pie accompaniment proposal! All suggestions will be put forward to Holland’s judges and a new range of side sauces will be created! What’s more, those that put forward an idea will be in with a chance of winning the new accompaniments!*

Become a fan and share your ideas at and on Twitter@hollandspies. For further information on the Holland’s Pie range please visit Holland’s is one of the UK’s best-loved pie makers; producing a range of delicious pies, puddings and pastries."

Walkers Fluted Pork Pie

Walkers Fluted Pork Pie
Previously mentioned in The Independents "Top Ten Pork Pies"  this was our first taste of a Walkers pie from Leicestershire.

Overall we quite enjoyed this offering which we bought from Tesco. A bit on the pricey side (although our offering was from the povvy counter). It was tasty with consistent pastry which wasn't too thick. The jelly was present and enjoyable. This last point should be noted as they use their own Pork Jelly which is unique to them. Our own preference with Pork Pies is for some jelly to be present so we do appreciate this. 

We give this a score of 8/10

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Great North Pie: White Bean, Goats Cheese, Orange & Cranberry Pie

White Bean, Goats Cheese, Orange & Cranberry Pie

Third offering from the Great North Pie Co pie deal we tried at the recent market in Deva town. Described by themselves as "Braised White beans, five mile goats cheeese, beetroot cream, dried cranberry, orange juice & zest, oregano and caraway".

Now this pie muncher does like Goats cheese  but it is a taste which is divisive amongst family, friends and the Pie Tribe. A bit like marmite you either love it or loathe it. Also some ingredients, for the younger members of the Pie tribe, immediately make them cautious (beetroot definitely being one of them) when approaching something new. 

This is an exceptional Pie without a shadow of a doubt. It shares the same dedication to some basic high standards that all the others that we have tried have. 

The pastry is just right, enough to taste and enough to hold the contents together (if eating by hand). The topping has attention to detail. Rather than just a glaze they have given each a separate delicate identity which adds to the overall experience. All the pies we have tasted are consistent in shape, depth and filling (to the roof) which we like.

The only problem we had over this pie was "how good" and what score could we give. After much debate we decided on (9.6/10) which ranks it definitely as one of the very best pies we have ever tasted. We cannot wait to try some more from this Artisan pie maker whenever we can.

Great North Pie Co: Classic Lancashire Cheese & Onion

Classic Lancashire Cheese & Onion Pie
The second offering from our introduction the Great North Pie Co was their classic Lancashire cheese & onion. They are based in Wilmslow but have a rolling programme of market appearances in Cheshire, Manchester and Derbyshire having won "BEST PUB PIE IN BRITAIN 2014" with this offering.

Described in their leaflet as "Dewlay's Tasty Lancashire cheese, caramelised white onion, white pepper, nutmeg & Japanese breadcrumbs" it was the start of a quite fierce debate amongst the pie tribe. As to it's quality there was no doubt but how it ranked with another offering from the Great North Pie Co, did.

This was very tasty and we collectively gave it a 9.5/10 which puts it easily amongst the best pies we have ever tasted.

Great North PIe Co: Spiced Ham, Honey Roast Parsnip and Chestnut

Spiced Ham, Honey Roast Parsnip and Chestnut

Wandering through town on an unrelated errand and stumbled upon the Great North Pie Co stall at local market. Oh happy days, what a selection of mouth watering recipes to tempt the dieting Pie Tribe!! 

First up the Spiced Ham, Honey Roast Parsnip and Chestnut Pie. Their description on the leaflet ( excellent idea pie makers please note) provided was "Slow roast with clove and cinnamon, honey roast parsnip, roast chestnuts, mustard and horseradish cream, lemon,sesame and Paxo stuffing breadcrumbs" If that doesn't get your taste buds salivating I don't know what will. 

The collective Pie tribe gave this a 9/10 without much debate or argument. Pastry just right held together but not thick. Pie full to the brim no air gap whatsoever and a filling that justified the description. Tasty ...oh yes. Not cheap, but easily a meal in itself.

Tesco: Large Melton Mowbray

Tesco: Large Melton Mowbray

One of first pies pf the year . A good price as it was bought from the "povvy" counter. Enough for four to picnic on, lacking in jelly though, pastry a bit thick and meat ok but little by way of taste except salty? Considering the price and size it was ok, just, but nothing to get excited about. Tesco Bargain bin purchase only. (6/10)

Tesco: Large Melton Mowbray

Monday, 24 November 2014

Anchored in Worthing & the Biggest Pie Ever !

Gloria's Glorious Game Pie
One of the many highlights of the Goodwood Revival festival meeting is the opportunity to visit Nigel at the best Micropub in Sussex, if not the world. With a revolving smorgasboard of beers and ciders from across the county what's not to like. With the added touches of host Nigel (and Debs) and fascinating regulars the Anchored in Worthing, is not too be missed.

On this visit Nigel excelled by asking regular Gloria to produce her Game Pie with Rabbit, Pheasant, Venison, Boar ........ A chat with Gloria later revealed  that the moisture within was maybe as a result of the meats being soaked in Brandy for 24 hours prior to cooking!!!!!! This was a big pie, with a big taste and encased in a hot water pastry, which considering the size I'm amazed.

This is certainly the  biggest pie we have come across and one of the tastiest. We brought a slice home and it was devoured very quickly. Once again big thanks to Nigel, Debs, Gloria, regulars and irregulars for a memorable trip!

Festival of Speed, Goodwood - Search for Pie

Big thanks to staff at Pieminster Pies for providing a large enough shirt to fit the average pie muncher before heading off to the wonderful festival of Speed in the search of Pie.

As ever we were dedicated in our search of pie, but to no avail apart from the ones we brought ourselves ( For emergency purposes only) and the delicious offerings provided by the Best MicroPub in Sussex, Anchored In Worthing

Although Pie was difficult to find motor vehicles of shapes and sizes were not, at this glorious dedicated petrolhead convention. Our first visit and mighty impressive it was. Busier than the revival meeting but just as well organised. 

The weather was very kind over the whole event. We were there for all four days which beforehand we had wondered if there would be enough to keep us occupied. How mistaken we were. On the last day walking to the exit we were still finding new displays and cars to see!

There were beautiful, unusual and very fast vehicles to oggle at all over the event. The track action was varied/brilliant and the offroad rally stages were just superb. Sebastien Loeb going up the up hill in his Pikes Peak car was spellbinding.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Steak Pie , Edwards of Conwy

Steak Pie, Edwards of Conwy

"I didn't know Cow could taste so nice" 

The last time we had this pie this comment was freely given within a few moutfuls of tasting this, almost, pie perfection. We are a big fan of Edwards of Conwy and any excuse to visit we take.

Recently returning from Holyhead we stopped in anticipation, eager to see the new shop layout and try some pie perfection. We chose a variety to eat and take home but the Steak Pie was the one we were looking forward to. 

This is good. A very good pie, with great colour, great quality chunks of meat and delicious tasty gravy. But it is no longer almost perfect. Something has changed  and specifically the pastry top. It's become thick and ...sticky? The pastry on top was at some points quite thick, dry and stuck to our teeth. We bought two as the Pie Tribe are not good at sharing !!! Both were the same.

Don't get me wrong it wasn't bad but Edwards of Conwy are way above your average purveyor of Pies. It's still an 8.5/10 but this has changed and it's not close to perfection any more.