Wednesday, 28 October 2015

J.W.Mettrick & Sons: Steak & Kidney

J.W. Mettrick & Son Glossop Hight Street
What a great time in Glossop! Spotted this award winning wonderful purveyor of meaty products on the High Street, not long after we arrived.

Walked away with their Steak & Kidney Pie which overall we would give a good 8.75/10 for this which is much better than your average offering. Pastry on our example was a little dry and a little bit more gravy would have been appreviated. However this is a very good pie with chunks of Beef rather than some mush. The Pie tribe agree we'd definitely have this again and at £1.45 it represents great value for money. 

On the day we were there, the selection available was a little sparse but you can order online direct from their website by following this link J.W. Mettrick & Son

Steak & Kidney Pie

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Holland's Pies: Steak & Kidney Pie

Steak & Kidney Pie, Holland's Pies
Its been a while but at 50p a go (Tesco Offer), you can hardly fail. Warmed up nicely in the oven and then eaten, it was very very palatable with noticeably little Kidney. Too much is the most common failing in a Steak & Kidney Pie for this pie muncher.

The only problem is judging when to dive in without burning your mouth, a difficult and fine art when your chomping at the bit hungry. We will give this  tasty well priced Holland's Pie an 8.5/10 on this occasion.

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Stilton & Dauphinoise Potato Pie

Stilton & Dauphinoise Potato Pie
At the Little Owl, Chester to celebrate a birthday, the Pieman got the chance to taste this Marstons pub offering. Not on the standard menu but on the specials board (always worth a glance). Half expecting a pot pie of some description this Pie muncher was pleasantly surprised by this tasty offering.

Pastry ok and tasty inside, we'd give it an 8/10 on this occasion, a lot better than most pub pies. 

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Great North Pie Co: Goosnargh Chicken, Mushroom, English Mustard & Tarragon

Goosnargh Chicken, Mushroom, English Mustard & Tarragon

What a delightful pie by the clever people at Great North Pie Company. The full ingredients being Corn-fed Goosnargh chicken, roast mushrooms, English mustard cream, white wine, tarragon, lemon, breadcrumbs and poppy seeds wrapped in the normal high standard pastry we associate with the Great North Pie Company.

The collective all liked this pie and I was particularly taken with the use of the English Mustard cream mmmmmm.....

Gorgeous pie we'd give this a 9/10.

Great North Pie Co: Salt Beef Brisket, Potato & White Onion Cream

Salt Beef Brisket, Potato & White Onion Cream
A fathers day treat par excellence, a trio of Great North Pie Company pies. 

The three were from chosen were from their current summer menu and first up was this delicious offering the Salt Beef Brisket, Potato & White Onion Cream Pie.

As you can see from the picture there is no air with their pies. One thing you notice after trying a Great North Pie is the ingredients. You can taste each component part at some point. This pie contains Salt beef brisket, Cheshire farm potatoes, white onions, double cream, Worcestershire sauce, white pepper, sesame and pastrami spices.

The pie collective were very happy with this pie and give it an easy 9/10.

Great North Pie Co: Beetroot, White Cheshire & Apricot

Beetroot, White Cheshire & Apricot
The second up of our Great North Company pies is the Beetroot, White Cheshire & Apricot consisting of White Cheshire cheese, beetroot marinated in carrot and apricot chutney by Galore! Beetroot cream, dried apricot, caraway and oregano. 

When you cut into this pie you are immediately struck by the colour and the beetroot which produces this is not too everyones liking. The younger members of the Pie tribe were not taken with either the Beetroot or the apricot elements. 

The older piemunchers were drawn in by the combination of these two ingredients. Cheshire Cheese is the best in the world but within a Pie context it could become a little too dry for some palates. However both the beetroot and apricot chutney give it some moisture and a sweet contrast to the strong tasting Cheshire cheese.

Definitely a split vote on this resulting in a collective but slightly unfair 8/10.

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Khalsa Aid

"Recognise the whole human race as one"
Khalsa Aid, Llanberis Path
Got to walk up Snowdon with my good friend Georgio Dragonslayer last Saturday to raise monies for the cancer charity Love, Hope and Strength Foundation. The weather was pretty damp, windy and challenging. 

However it all worked out well and we made it up & down safely. Big massive thanks to all our generous sponsors whose donations were an inspiration before, during and after the event.

One of the many enduring memories of the day will be the fellows walkers we met and shared with on the day. As well as the LHS participants there were a number of other groups which made for very busy mountain! 

In particular though I would mention all the many walkers walking to raise funds for the work of Khalsa Aid There were an awful lot of them and they came from all over the UK. We got talking to some guys from Leicester who had left even earlier to get there for the day.

As a group they were very jolly, positive and supportive to all. A mixture of ages they were a credit to the human race, the Sikh Community and the UK. Their base camp supporters/organisers had set up a welcome back area for their walkers as they returned to LLanberis village. They had also prepared food and and bottles of cold water to give to all walkers not just their own. Their generosity and kind spirit will be remembered for a long time by this walker.

Base Camp, Llanberis
"Established in 1999, Khalsa Aid is an international non-profit aid and relief organization founded on the Sikh principles of selfless service and universal love."

Friday, 19 June 2015

Snowdon Rocks

Big day tomorrow. Weather is looking foul. Knee is a bit sore, but raring to go !!!!!! If you would like to donate we would appreciate any amount ..........

Love Hope Strength Foundation is a charity that promotes innovative, music related, outreach and awareness programmes for leukemia and cancer sufferers, survivors and their families.

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Vaughans Butchers of Penyffordd - PIEMASTER

Steve Vaughan, "PIEMASTER"
We may be Piemen or Pietasters but Steve Vaughan is a  PIEMASTER. Top pies consistently served up, (and sold out) his pies are the the baseline by which we judge all others. 

For the latest updates on what's new and available check  out his facebook page at this link Vaughans Butchers (The Steak & Stilton is brilliant). He is also a renowned Champion Sausage maker, check out his trophies !!

If your travelling along the A55 to or from North Wales, the village of Penyffordd is only two miles off junction 35. The shop is the centre of the village by the War memorial at Wood Lane, CH4 0JN. Tel:01244 543102

Vaughans of Penyffordd

Friday, 6 March 2015

Deeerstalker Pie, Pieminister Pies

Deerstalker Pie, Minty Mushy Peas and Red Wine Gravy

From the Manchester branch of Pieminister Pies we also selected the Deerstalker Pie, "A British venison, dry cured bacon, red wine & puy lentil pie".  To this was  added minty mushy peas and then covered in their red wine gravy. It was a moment before I started eating it, as it looked so beautiful!

The pastry was great, and the filling/ingredients were excellent. The added touch of the peas and gravy made this a meal in itself and a great tasting session. Can't wait to go back and try some more. We will give this an 8.9/10.