Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Pie with a View: Cowards, Pork Pie

On Frodsham Hill with Cowards Pork Pie

Currently walking Cheshires longest footpath, the 71 mile Cheshire North Way. Happened to be walking Dunham Hill to Frodsham section recently and managed to stop en route at Cowards Butchers & Pie Emporium to pick up some much needed supplies.

As ever, a very high standard of pie. Good balance of Pastry, Jelly, Meat and price for a tasty offering on this occasion worthy of a 9/10. Most excellent tasting Pie. There is a little aftertaste that kicks in late on with a slightly peppery twist which we like very much.

Pie At Night: Stuart Maconie

Not a new eating out guide or star guide but a journey around the North of England to discover the North at play. If you have read Mr Maconies books before, you will be well aware that he is partial to pie when the opportunity presents itself.

During National Pie Week I cannot recommend this book highly enough to accompany the munching of pastry. Interesting throughout, Mr Maconies insightful obeservations are always well thought out, detailed and humourous.

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Pie With No Name

The Pie with no name. We are, as ever, very grateful for any pie that comes our way. Particular if we haven't tried it before. This was provided by my thoughtful Brother in Law and was purchased at Tarvin Christmas Fayre. 

Sadly we do not know the maker of this tasty offering. We were also told it was Pork Pie with Branston. Not always an easy combination to get right. But on investigation we now think it maybe was Pork Pie with apple. Either way it was pretty good. Quite moist with a tasty filling and pastry that was just right. Suffice to say it didn't last long in the Pie tribe fridge !!!

Any ideas who makes/supplies please let us know.