Friday, 19 July 2013

Cow Pie! Rockwells American Diner

This week found two of the Pie tribe in Runcorn this and feeling rather peckish we headed optimistically to a relatively new American themed/styled diner called Rockwells in the high street. The entrance from the High Street is just about noticeable (We actually entered via the back through the Bike Park!), but step inside and a whole new world beckons.

Absolutely fabulous with a lot of effort placed on getting the decor just right. We have missed Eddie Rockets diner in Liverpool but we think this could surpass it and it even has their ceiling fans. 

The service is excellent and the food is great. Just as I was about to order a burger the waitress mentioned the special of the day the "COW PIE" ... well I had to. It was excellent, big, hot, filling and tasty (8.5/10). So much so there was no room for a pud and we had wanted to try the pancakes.

So we will definitely be going back here sometime soon.

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