Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Chasing Dragons and Damsels

Following a planning meeting in a local hostelry, the night before, I accepted the invitation of Sir John of Moth and headed off to the swamplands of North Shropshire in search of Dragons and Damsels early ..ish Sunday morning. Fortified by a quick visit to McCalories ( Sir John insisted) we eventually found our way to our chosen destination Fenns Moss close to the Llangollen Canal and not far from Whitchurch.

Boots on and insect repellent liberally applied, we set off with the sun rising rapidly. What a delightful place to go for a walk, the place is interesting, quiet and slightly unusual. With the recent weather change, doing anything outdoors becomes an absolutely pleasure even if you are yomping around midge central.

Various flora and fauna are spotted, observed, admired and photographed. I never thought the breeding habits of a 2cm long Damsel fly could be so fascinating. It's all the more interesting  when in the company of someone who is so well informed and entertaining as Sir John. It's a bit like David Attenbrough and Bill Bailey combining to give you a guided tour through the intricacies of the complicated lives of insects with several witticisms throw in for good message. 

After spotting various cast members of a "Bugs Life" a concerted effort was made to specifically catch the Bare Faced Darter on camera, face on. This proved difficult as the bare faced chappie much preferred showing his bottom rather than his face for the camera. As the sun reached it's highest (and the temperature was rising) we headed home, very satisfied with the morning exercise.

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