Wednesday, 10 July 2013

CPOP 2013

Ferrari F40 by Idreamofpies

Ferrari F40, a photo by Idreamofpies on Flickr.
Pieman, Georgio, Shabby and Beefy headed for preview day at the latest Cholmondeley Pageant of Power (CPOP 2013). The format is pretty much the same as in previous years with some modifications and changes in line up and display. 

In recognition of Rally GB returning to North Wales for the first time in ages a special display of past and present Rally cars is present including some Colin McRae originals which was great to see. 

On the track their are some familiar vehicles but plenty not seen before and seeing the lorry cab come charging around the corner at a full thrutch was a sight to behold !!!!

The weather was very changeable and resulted in us diving into the beer tent. The rain was pretty heavy so we broke out the Pie supplies which today were purchased from Phil Salt Butchers Pie emporium and might fine they were with particular praise for the Countryman Pie.

As ever access was very good throughout the event and particularly around the paddock area. A number of vehicles drew our attention. Shabby was taken with Danone Heart (Bottom) car and one of my favorites was the Aston Martin DB2 closely followed the Noble which as good as it looked. The only disappointment of the day was missing the scrambling bikes in action (Lack of info) especially as the weather was perfect for them ! But all in all it was great day with Pie consumed.

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