Saturday, 20 October 2012

Piefect Day with Team GB

The Olympics in London were fantastic in so many different ways. Our own personal memories will be of the largest attended single event in Olympic history the mens Olympic Cycling Road Race. Although team GB did not win a medal the event was brilliant and we had the best of experiences watching.

It meant a long trip but it was well worth the effort. We stayed in lovely Carshalton with Kathy L and Von Smallhousen to whom we are very grateful. We made our way early via train to Leatherhead and then by foot to the circuit part of the route at Box Hill. The weather was very kind to us all day which helped enormously. Despite getting there early it was packed. We found a down hill spot just before a tight bend and settled in to wait for the action to start. 

I will never forget the organisation, the atmosphere, the singing, cheering, banter, laughter, stewards (Ambassadors) and the action itself. It was absolutely brilliant and although we were very tired by the time we got back it was worth the effort.

As it was Saturday we headed off for chippy tea down Carshalton high street to be greeted by the Pukka-Pies sign below, excellent. Not so excellent as they have run out of Pies not one to be had. Carshalton is a Pie desert. The Butchers serves a terrible Pie and the chippie has run out, come on Carshalton get some pies in. 

I think it may be to do with the local cat population secretly eating all the  pies in the area. On average they are the largest group of feline beasts I have ever seen including one three legged ginger the size of a fox!

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