Sunday, 21 October 2012

Southbank Sunday

Whilst down London way we made our way to Soutbank on the sunday, its always an interesting area with plenty of things to see and do. This visit was no exception particularly with the Olympics on.

One highlight for the Pie Tribe was the Real Food Market  which was delicious to wander round and taste different things. Some pies were on sale and the Pie Student opted for the Pie looking option Pierogi pictured below. Whilst it looks like a smallish pasty it is in fact a type of dumpling made with unleavened dough boiled and then deep fried. Tasty and obviously very healthy.

We love the views from around the Southbank with the river and iconic buildings even if it did lash down with rain. Also a very nice man from Virgin was giving out Strawberry Split ice creams on the train for free which was an excellent end to the day. Once again many thanks to Kathy L and Von Smallhousen.

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