Saturday, 6 October 2012

CPOP 2012

Mr Pieman and Georgio Dragonslayer went to Cholmondley Pageant of Power. It was a pretty awful day weather wise but apart from a few cars not running or taking it easy it was excellent. With an array of stalls, food, cars, bikes there was plenty to entertain and enjoy.

Pie was found as well as the Crusty Pie Company was here again with a selection of delectable goodies. We chose the Gloucester Old Spot Pork Pie with crumbly cheese topping and The Pork and Creamy Stilton Pie. They were ok but a little disappointing, both being quite dry and the Stilton being hardly noticeable. Still it always better than no pie.

It was the second year running we've been and it was a very good day out despite the weather. One of the highlights was the Aston Martin One-77 which was simply beautiful. Another highlight was standing right next to the engine when the mechanic fired up the ex F1 Lamborghini Lotus with it's deafening V12 engine !! Also bumped into the Biscuitman and in laws by the scrambling  bikes display which was great to watch.

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