Saturday, 20 October 2012

Buddha's Belly

The pie tribe en masse travelled to London by train during July to visit family and new friends. We had a brilliant time in rainy London and sunny Bromley. Arriving early Saturday morning we initially made our way to Camden for breakfast at the Lost Elephant. Once refuelled and after the rain had battered down, it was off round the market which was as ever busy and interesting.

Student Pie succumbed to the most enormous cup cake we've ever seen and they were handing free beer out on the high street which is a good enough reason to like a place. 

From Camden we head to Kensington High Street to get some emergency clothing replacements!!!! From here we head to the Portobello Road market which is heaving ( Nasty Nick in an enormous trench coat passes by us ) and absolutely tiring. A break is needed and we stop in a Notting Hill Bistro/cafe for the most expensive (but delicious) cheese on toast. The rain again comes down heavy whilst we are munching.

We then head across town to meet up with family in Greenwich by the Cutty Sark. We have a couple of refreshments in a local hostelry and repair to Bromley. After settling into our accommodation it's off to Buddha Belly for a brilliant evening with family and new friends. The food is great, the chat is great and the laughter non stop.

Sunday dawns bright, beautiful and a bit windy. After a walk around town it's off to Pie Brothers home for a poolside barbecue and get together with family/friends old and new. The company is great , the food is brilliant and we don't want the day to end. But eventually we have to head home and with great thanks to Pie niece we set off. It's hard to believe but even without Pie we've had a great time.

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