Monday, 3 October 2011

Pageant of Power: Cholmondeley

Superpie Girl and the Pieman made a first ever visit to the Cholmondeley Pageant of Power a while back. We chose to go on the practice day when the crowds are a bit smaller and more bearable (and cheaper!).

What a brilliant day we had. The weather behaved itself apart from a few spots and we got to see some fantastic vehicles in action.

Superpie girls’ favourite being the Veyron and the various Lamborghinis dotted about. Checked out the rare and gorgeous lime Green Lamborghini Miuri from Cheshire Classic Cars. My own favourite was the Mercedes 300SL which was just so beautiful.

There was plenty to see and do whilst there, although on practice day not everything is running or arrived. They have, like Goodwood, a timed track which the vehicles run on in different classes. To see and hear Classic/new/2 wheels/3 wheels/4 wheels/race/rally/GT/Supercars/endurance/F1 vehicles blasting around was fantastic.

An unmistakable Audi Quattro spitting fire from its exhausts evoked many cold wet memories of welsh forests during the RAC Rally!! Pieman even got to meet 4 times World Rally Champion Juha Kankonnen, who was a really nice guy.

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