Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Pie for Breakfast?

Can a day get any better when it starts with Pie for breakfast? Yes it can when it's followed by a day watching the British Grand Prix in glorious British four seasons in one day weather. Burnt and soaked within the same hour and sedated by Pie ( Phil Salt's Steak Pie to be precise).

Having left home at silly O'clock one Sunday morning Mr Pieman and Georgio Dragonslayer were in desperate need of sustenance as we yomped around the revamped Silverstone prior to the Grand Prix starting.

What an excellent exhausting day. Great atmosphere and response when the Brits moved up a place or two. The track, facilities and organisation were good and will get even better with time. Despite the result and the weather everyone seemd to be having a great time we certainly did.

We even got to walk the start line/straight at the end which was a great bonus. Didn't rush out afterwards and got home at a reasonable time, happy days.

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