Saturday, 22 October 2011

Talacre, Chilli and Custard

For the first time in ages we went to Talacre beach to enjoy the view, stretch our legs, enjoy the breeze and find some Pie! The excellent Clywd Bakeries which have a minimal number of outlets has a branch close to the beach.

We tried a few different offering including a chicken and cheese slice, sausage roll and as pictured below the chunky Steak Pie (8.5/10) which was the Pieman's choice. A very respectable offering well priced and quite tasty.

After this we made our way onto the beach for a walk to see the lighthouse which has just be recently placed on the market for sale with offers over £100,000.00 requested.

To complete an enjoyable day we went to visit Chilli and Custard in Rhyl ....oh and Chris & Gilly as well.

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