Saturday, 22 October 2011

Cambrian Rail Cruise

What an excellent day. Starting early morning from Deva General heading to sunny Llandudno junction following the Cambrian rail tour which was to take us on a circular journey around North and Mid Wales ending back in rainy Deva early evening.

We saw some fantastic coastal, river, mountain and estuary landscapes. The journey from Llandudno to Blaenau being a pleasant surprise particularly getting to numerous sightings of beautiful white egret (Little Egret I think which though rare in UK is becoming quite common along the Conwy Estuary). At Blanaeu we changed to steam to head to Portmadog. One slightly embarrassing moment when Hammy the Guard stopped the train to get an additional payment above and beyond our pre paid ticket due to some administrative changes Arriva had no knowledge of!!

Porthmadog was bathed in sunshine as we arrived and stayed that way while we ate our Fish and Chips from the award winning Allports in Snowdon Street. A quick walk across town get us back onto the National rail system. From here it was all along the coast through Barmouth to Aberdovey before heading inland towards Machynlleth and on towards Shrewsbury.

At Shrewsbury we get on the wrong train (via Crewe) to the right place arriving home a few minutes early! Altogether an excellent day out.

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