Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Steak Pie , Edwards of Conwy

Steak Pie, Edwards of Conwy

"I didn't know Cow could taste so nice" 

The last time we had this pie this comment was freely given within a few moutfuls of tasting this, almost, pie perfection. We are a big fan of Edwards of Conwy and any excuse to visit we take.

Recently returning from Holyhead we stopped in anticipation, eager to see the new shop layout and try some pie perfection. We chose a variety to eat and take home but the Steak Pie was the one we were looking forward to. 

This is good. A very good pie, with great colour, great quality chunks of meat and delicious tasty gravy. But it is no longer almost perfect. Something has changed  and specifically the pastry top. It's become thick and ...sticky? The pastry on top was at some points quite thick, dry and stuck to our teeth. We bought two as the Pie Tribe are not good at sharing !!! Both were the same.

Don't get me wrong it wasn't bad but Edwards of Conwy are way above your average purveyor of Pies. It's still an 8.5/10 but this has changed and it's not close to perfection any more.

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