Monday, 24 November 2014

Festival of Speed, Goodwood - Search for Pie

Big thanks to staff at Pieminster Pies for providing a large enough shirt to fit the average pie muncher before heading off to the wonderful festival of Speed in the search of Pie.

As ever we were dedicated in our search of pie, but to no avail apart from the ones we brought ourselves ( For emergency purposes only) and the delicious offerings provided by the Best MicroPub in Sussex, Anchored In Worthing

Although Pie was difficult to find motor vehicles of shapes and sizes were not, at this glorious dedicated petrolhead convention. Our first visit and mighty impressive it was. Busier than the revival meeting but just as well organised. 

The weather was very kind over the whole event. We were there for all four days which beforehand we had wondered if there would be enough to keep us occupied. How mistaken we were. On the last day walking to the exit we were still finding new displays and cars to see!

There were beautiful, unusual and very fast vehicles to oggle at all over the event. The track action was varied/brilliant and the offroad rally stages were just superb. Sebastien Loeb going up the up hill in his Pikes Peak car was spellbinding.

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