Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Steak & Stilton Pie, S J Bebbington Butchers

Steak & Stilton, S J Bebbington Butchers of Chester
We often judge people by outward appearances and more often than not we are wrong. Pies are no different. I may have some personal preferences for how a good looking pie should look but none were activated when glancing at this Steak and Stilton pastry offering from SJ Bebbington, Butchers. Nice colour, good shape and tidy is what you need. To this end a lot of pies look alike.

So I was no more excited than usual when I cut this pie in half to share. WOW did this look good when cut in half ! It is rare to cut into a steak pie and be presented with a solid wall of meat and gravy, without a huge air gap at the top (Ginsters take note). What a delight for the eyes and the taste was excellent. I shared this with a fellow pie muncher and we both said 9/10 without pausing for the next bite. It was a delicious combination of moist pastry, gravy, lean meat and Stilton after kick. I doubt I will be sharing the next one I have !!!!

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plasterers bristol said...

This looks so tasty, can't wait to give this a go, thanks for sharing this.