Sunday, 11 May 2014

Dave Sharp - Troubadour

Dave Sharp, Troubadour. The Venue. Lymm.

Tonight was one of those nights when my enthusiasm for live music, if in any way depleted, is restored to a high robust healthy level. All it takes is passion, craftsmanship, generosity of spirit and an obvious enjoyment by the performer of what they are doing. No going through the motions, but good honest endeavour that can entertain and inspire in equal measure.

As with Neil Finn, Mr Sharp meandered through his solo catalogue and provided personal interpretations/reworkings of classics by Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan, Paul Simon...... I found it mesmerising watching him play as his fingers danced over the frets with an ease than will shame others and mystify me. Watching a craftsman at work like this is such a pleasure. There were songs I did not know the name of or understood all the words to , but I got lost in the music anyway. 

His passion and chat was just right to keep the momentum going through the evening. The audience at the Venue, Lymm though not large was appreciative and Mr Sharp was generous in his effort.

I knew not too expect any Alarm tunes and was not concerned by that I was here to listen to Mr Sharp. But I am delightful when it happens, as with One Step Closer To Home which is quite removed from the Alarm recorded version. 

But a great song is great song however it is played. When it is played by the person who wrote it it always takes on some magic of it's own. I have been privileged to have enjoyed Mr Sharp gigs before and this was excellent in so many ways.

I was lucky to sit and chat with him before the gig which was stimulating and rewarding in itself. Can't wait for another opportunity even if it involves some Hard Travellin.

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