Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Elvis Fontenot & The Sugar Bees: Swamp and Sweat

Cajun/Zydeco excellence from the Bayous of Staffordshire

Another intense night of pleasure and delight as Elvis Fontenot & The Sugar Bees rip through two sets at the Old Brown Jug as part of the Newcastle-Under-Lyme Jazz and Blues Festival. The evening doesn't start well with the previous band overrunning and delaying the set up for the band. They rip through a sound check quickly with the venue filling rapidly and the temperature rising. The sound is excellent and well worth the wait though.

As ever the band appear to be on tip top form and the night is lively but cramped! The venue's decision to leave a huge dining table and chairs right in front of the band was odd to say the least. With the crowd even busier than the last time we saw them here and dancing/viewing room at a premium, it was a shame.

The band went through some familiar tunes of their own, some covers and some new songs giving a nice mix, cranking the audience up to a lather. The second set saw them into their stride. The songs, sound and performance by all the band is infectious with the Fontenot effect kicking in all over the pub. Even from those who couldn't see, with jigging/singing/tapping/shaking/dancing breaking out all over.

Particularly taken tonight with Caroline and the appropriate, given the atmosphere, Hot Tamale Baby.

I cannot recommend going to see them more highly, prepare to be stung. If they don't put a smile on your face and a spring in your step,  then seek medical advice !

Elvis Fontenot & Sugar Bees. The Old Brown Jug. Newcastle Under Lyme

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