Sunday, 24 June 2012

Southern Pie

A recent visit to South London saw the Pieman  and  Lee O'Brien introduced to the delights, briefly, of Carshalton whilst delivering various items to Piester in Law. An early morning start allowed us to go out and enjoy the Carshalton parks, ponds and pies.

But oh what a disappointment with the only offering found, a sturdy looking minced beef & onion from the butchers (Woodward Brothers) on the the high street. Although packed by the Butcher he didn't know who made it! Which was just as well as it was horrible and we award it a 4/10, for being of no merit whatsoever. 

However we did have an excellent time with our hosts if not a bit short and a bit tiring. We did have a stonking breakfast and met the largest cat ever ! Can't wait to go again.

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