Sunday, 24 June 2012

King Of Twang

What a delight for the Pieman and Mark Shed who went to Manchester the day City won the Premiership. We were there to see the King of Twang Mr Duane Eddy and he did not disappoint. He ambled on stage without much fanfare and proceeded to rip through a brilliant set of songs across the whole spectrum of his career including the recent album produced with Richard Hawley and his band, who are backing the King of Twang on his current tour.

Songs included Detour, Movin and Groovin, Yep!, The Lonely One, Shazam!, Bleaklow Air, Twango, Play Me Like you Play your Guitar, Three 30 Blues, 40 Miles of Bad Road, Platypuss, because they're Young, Roadtrip, Curveball, Rebel Rouser, Peter Gunn, Mexborough and Hard Times

At 74 I doubt he needs to tour and must do it because he enjoys it which we certainly did. His chat was interesting, informative and funny. He was supported by the very talented Nell Bryden who was excellent just on her own with a guitar and a powerful voice. She was funny although I'm not sure United fans might think so! Check out her video for her latest single

The venue was the Royal Northern College of Music and we can strongly recommend it to you with its excellent facilities. Pie was consumed by Mark Shed, but so quickly that no informative review can be provided except that it was very large and eaten on the hoof.

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