Sunday, 24 June 2012

Andrew Logan Museum of Sculpture

On a wet bank holiday weekend we headed out into darkest mid wales and the National Trust property of Powis Castle close to Welshpool. The house was interesting enough but the rain was still batting down so proposed walk around the grounds and gardens was avoided. 

Instead a cunning back up plan was enacted which meant carrying on for a few miles to visit the Andrew Logan Museum of Sculpture. Small, compact and not time consuming but fascinating nonetheless. I wouldn't justify visiting mid wales just for it but if your in the area it was well worth a stop off being very different and had a definite appeal to some members of the Pie Tribe. 

Hard to describe but we like the description offered by Brian Eno "

‘Andrew's work doesn't offer that much to the would-be catalogue mystifier: if you start saying anything too pretentious about it, it sort of laughs in your face. It's hard to place, because it doesn't really quite belong anywhere, guilelessly straddling a number of heavily contested boundaries - such as those between art and craft, between art and decoration, between pop and fine, between the profane and sacred. But I don't think this straddling is some sort of ideological position that Andrew has contrived - it's just where he happens to find himself when he makes the work he wants to see.’

We would visit again and take in a walk around the pretty village of Berriew where although no Pie was purchased we did scoff some delightful Welsh Cakes.

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