Sunday, 24 April 2011

A Brief History of Pies

Not a cookbook but a CD release by the mysterious and fascinating Liverpool band "The Pies". Known for their inventive and huge graffiti around Merseyside in recent years they have released a CD with a collection of tunes, radio interviews and police interviews.

Funny, thought provoking, good music, and a great name means a tasty recipe for excellence. The Pies are playing at the 02 Academy Liverpool on September 11th, 2011. Any pie munchers looking to go?


Anonymous said...

Walton Jail wasn't their first ever gig, they've been playing venues regularly since the early 1990s!

Pieman said...

My apologises track 9 - "Roger Phillips" on their CD claims it was their first? Deliberate mis-information or ?

Anonymous said...

the track with the full interview with spencer lee on radio merseyside clears up all the imperfections. this cd is a collection from the pies tape box not perfect in any way, mainly completed in memory of tommy hardman. a recorded album should follow after the show, probably new year.