Monday, 25 April 2011

Probably the Best Band in the World.........Ever!

A rare opportunity to see the Undertones in concert came up recently in Liverpool. The band, although still releasing albums sporadically, are not full time anymore but with singer Paul McLoone replacing Feargal they venture out in short bursts for mini tours and festival appearances. This short " True Confessions" tour was to conicide with their 35th anniversary and would see them play in its entirety their first album.

We arrived en masse with the all Pie Tribe in attendance. Also able to come along were two of the Viking Tribe and John Boy all the way from deepest dark Suffolk.We met up at one of our favourite eateries "Rockerfella's" which is no longer part of the Eddie Rocket group. From here we headed to the 02 Academy for the nights gig but not before lusting after guitars in shop windows and eventually going in one for Viking Jr to have a play on.

Arriving early ish we were able to secure spots right at the front which was great. The support band were from Southampton called Doyle and The Four Fathers . They were ok. I would have liked them more if the singer had not chosen to swear from the time he walked on stage till he left. His mood didn't improve after his guitar packed up in the fist song. Instead of whining, swearing and verbal sparring (unsuccesfully) with a load of scousers he should have just got on with it.

Anyway on come the Undertones who do not disappoint. Loud, fast, funny, rhythmic, sweaty and tuneful they were brilliant. The first album was played in its entirety in about 35 mins! My memory which is not the best can recall in no particular order the following being played as well; Mars Bars, You've Got My Number, It's Going To Happen, Thrill Me, Dig Yourse lf Deep, There Goes Norman, When Saturday Comes, Tearproof, Let's Talk ABout Girls, My Perfect Cousin. Beautiful Friend, Wednesday Week ....

By my reckoning close to 30 songs in all, in just over and hour and half at a breakneck pace. Billy Doherty on the drums looked absolutely shattered. I'm biasied but if you have the chance go to see the Undertones you must as they will become the benchmark by which you judge others!

Great band, great performance and great friends equals a great night.

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