Friday, 11 March 2011

Prestatyn Rocks and Trousers Vibrate

The end of January saw Mr & Mrs Pieman head to freezing cold Prestatyn for some hot rock and roll. It was the annual Alarm gathering at its new home of Pontins at Prestatyn.

We arrived to see Glen Matlock and the Philistines giving it full thrutch on stage as one the support acts. The main event started off stage with the band singing "Blaze of Glory" in a corridor before joining the gathered crowd singing onstage. Usually a song which finishes the night.

The rest of the long blistering set, with tracks from all eras of the band and Mike Peters on his own in the centre for a few, included
Absolute Reality, Release The Pressure, Alarm Calling, Unsafe Building, Direct Action, Deeside, Majority, My Town, Without A Fight, Into The 21st Century, Shout To The Devil, For Freedom, One Step Closer To Home, Strength, Superchannel, Right Back Where I Started From, Drunk And Disorderly, 45 RPM, Spirit Of '76 with Rescue Me in the middle........ before coming back for The Stand, Declaration, Marching On, Where Were You Hiding, and 68 Guns A second encore followed with Fade In, Fade Out, Fade Away and One Guitar before one final appearance with Pretty Vacant (with Glen Matlock) and Rocking In The Freeworld (with everyone!) bringing the night to a close.

The new format and venue were great with plenty of room, good facilities and the queue at bar acceptable. The main room was great, sound was good and loud enough to vibrate the Piemans trousers! Mike and the band as ever were magnificent.

Check out the forthcoming Alarm 30th anniversary tour around the country in May and also Mike taking vocal duties with Big Country prior to that (April) as well all over the UK. Either would be well worth a visit.

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