Saturday, 5 March 2011

Egg Son In Law

Early February saw the Pie Tribe head en masse for a very damp Liverpool and the Philharmonic Hall to see the delightful Saturdays. This in fact was a Christmas present for the Pie offspring and did not require the presence of the Pie Parents. 

So blessed with a few hours to kill we headed for the Host Pan Asian restaurant. We were refused a seat at our first choice restaurant and how glad we were later. After several delightful dishes our taste buds were suitably impressed with some unusual (strong) combinations of flavour with a mish mash of Thai/Vietnamese/Cambodian servings rounded off  by a brick like chocolate brownie with chillies. Hot and sweet with a dollop of vanilla ice cream to cool you down. Not a pie in sight and we still enjoyed ourselves.

One dish we didn't try on this occasion was Egg Son in Law which are eggs hard boiled, then deep fried and topped with a tamarind sauce.

After this gastronomic tour we went for a walk through the rain to rid a few calories! We headed off past the Everyman theatre and the Cathedral to get a view of the University's Active Learning Laboratory and its special night time light display. The photo below doesn't really do it justice as it follows different patterns around the whole building changing slowly.

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