Saturday, 12 March 2011

Black Rock Stig

A Christmas present from 2009 was claimed when the Pieman and SuperPie Girl headed to Black Rock Sands, Porthmadog, early one saturday morning. The sun and weather was very kind too us as we arrived. The beach was clean, cold, clear and very wide ( with the tide going out). Yes, excellent conditions to give SuperPie Girl her first taste of driving!!!

A couple of false starts and amazingly we were off.  Every crab scuttled for cover as Penelope Piestop got into action. With a few breaks for the Pieman to calm down, 2/3 hours flew by. No land speed records were broken but plenty of practise for a wanna be driver.

Leaving the beach  we headed to downtown Porthmadog for culinary delights and a visit to the superb Cob Records. On the way we managed to stop near the Pont AberGlaslyn for a short walk and enjoy one the finest views in Britain. From their with the Pieman driving we headed home through Beddgelert (and a Bikers meet), Capel Curig .......

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