Saturday, 31 January 2009

Pie Spotter

On Sunday last the Pieman headed for the Cheshire Railway Modellers Club exhibition at the Crewe heritage centre. The purpose of this trip was two fold. One to marvel at the miniature engineering projects which were on display and secondly to give the dog a run.

Both goals were achieved with the displays being incredible in their detail and ingenuity. The dog got the pieman there and home which is all one can hope for.

The Pieman recently found an undeveloped 35mm in his camera bag. Not knowing what what was on it meant considerable surprise and delight when the film was returned. Taken on a Pie Tribe holiday in Mid Wales the picture below, in deep Oggy country at Fairbourne, shows a GINSTER sponsored Arriva DMU train. Pies on the move!

This however is not the first time the Pieman has found lost film. A film some 10+ years turned up one day taken on the Pieman's honeymoon and still came out albeit a little tinged with grey not unlike it's owner!

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