Sunday, 25 January 2009

The Beast

The Beast is no more. Recent weeks has seen the demise of the Beast due to financial necessity (How Much!!!) and now we have the DOG!! Heavier, Slower and Cleaner (meticulously so) the new vehicle excedes the Beast only in miles already covered and it's glorious capability on the Horn. The Beast was sadly lacking in this department with it's horn sounding like a wet fart on a bad morning.

Bling wheels are still a feature of the new vehicle but in a slightly more understated way than the Beast. There is also some concern that certain gardening tools may not fit in the DOG which may mean the Pieman will have to purchase a shed. Which if nothing else will confirm to certain nameless parties the Pieman is one step away from being a Senior Citizen! Many thanks to the Dragonslayer family for providing a home to the Dog whilst awaiting documentation and vaccination to make the DOG legal.

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