Friday, 2 January 2009

The Hills Are Alive

The hills are alive with the sound of bones creaking, chests wheezing and mouths moaning !! New Years day saw the Pie tribe heading for the hills, Moel Famau to be precise (1818ft / 554m - Hill Of The Mothers) . The view from the top and Jubilee Tower was cloudy but interesting enough.

The weather sunny/cloudy but extremely cold with a fierce biting wind at the top and exposed areas. The Moel was busy with lots of people having the same idea to clear away the cobwebs of the old year. We even bumped into The JiveMonster and Megatastic on the way down which was a pleasant surprise.

The Pink Princess was a little dissappointed to find no chip shop located at the top of the hill and I can only wonder where she got the impression that such a thing might be there?. This may have been responsible for her jaw dropping comment of " Dad your so immature"!! The Pieman's Flabber was well and truly gasted!

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