Saturday, 20 September 2008

Who Screamed The Loudest?

The Pie Tribe headed towards Bala a couple of weekends back to the National Whitewater Centre. This was near Frongoch on the River Tryweryn. Mrs Pieman was to enjoy an afternoon Rafting down the River Tryweryn the flow of which is controlled by a Dam upstream.

The session is preceded by instruction and kitting out with wet suits, helmets etc .......This is followed by instruction in the boat on dry land with your fellow raftmates. You are then taken by minibus upstream with your raft for the first of four runs down the river.

We think the pictures amply illustrate how much Mrs Pieman enjoyed herself!! She definitely screamed the loudest when she went down the drop where the rest of the Pie Tribe were watching from. This was usually followed by laughter and a very large grin.

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