Sunday, 7 September 2008

Holland Part 2

The search for quality pies continued but the best that Holland could offer was Cheese Pasties and various types of Sausage roll. A particularly favourite seem to be the lattice type with a strange Curry Sauce and Tomato ketchup stuffed variety as pictured!!

A first for the Pie Tribe were the eels we had at Einkhuizen at the Zuider Zee Museum. Smoked and very difficult to get rid of the taste, even after several brushings of teeth.

Many thanks to Rose Swamp who steered us in the direction of Kibling and huge quntities of Mayonnaise. Kibling being Cod and sold by the bucketload.

Other favourite's by the end of the trip were the Apple Pie, Gouda Cheese, the many Cake Shops, Belgium Chips, Chocolate dipped Ice Cream, Liptons Iced Tea with Lime, Cheap Supermarket Chocolate, Amstel Beer, Corn Bread ...........

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