Saturday, 20 September 2008

Avete torta? Part 1

The Dragonslayer and the Pieman headed south for Grand Prix and Pie in sunny Italy at Monza Autodrome just a few miles east of Milan. We flew from Manchester on Friday afternoon and stayed in a small village called Boltiere not far from Bergamo.

What a weekend! The weather was abysmal it poured with rain everytime we approached the circuit and came down even heavier every time a car appeared on track. Yet despite or because of this we had a FANTASTIC time. We met some interesting, boring, fascinating, miserable, happy, fun, weird people and that was just the brits including the Subaru 3, the Brum 2, Billy no mate and Aberdeen Angus, who we understood less than the Italians.

The track is a classic with parts of the old famous steep banking hidden away but still there in places. It is set amongst a wonderful public park/woodland but does not cope with rain too well.

Our first day was spent finding our way round and selcting a site to watch the race from the following day. We watched the morning practise from the exit of Rettifillio chicane at the end of the Start/Finish straight. For the actual qualifying and race day we eventually settled on area on the inside of track at the braking area just before the Parabolic.

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