Saturday, 14 July 2007

Le Tour De Pie

The Tour de France comes to Britain, deep joy. Having followed it for many years on the TV the opportunity to see it in the flesh was too good to miss. So last Saturday the Pie tribe took the train down to London for the day.

As you can see from the picture it was heaving with people, sunny and fantastic. This was just the queue for Pies in Hyde Park!!

The day started well when upon arrival at Euston the first thing you come across as you walk throught the ticket barrier is a dedicated Pasty Shop called the "The Pasty Shop"!

We ended up, after seeing David Millar (not on his bike), in Hyde Park and enjoyed the tented Village with a plethorea of edible delights on sale. Also available (Free) was the opportunity to try out all sorts of unusual bikes which was great fun.

We shall of course be following the fortunes of all the British riders but the Pieman in particular will be paying attention to the fortunes of American
George HincaPIE .

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