Saturday, 24 March 2007

Tim Finn Live

Quay Theatre at the Lowry, Salford Quays Manchester. The Pieman and Dragon Slayer were lucky to secure tickets for Tim Finn's first Concert tour in the Northern Hemisphere in thirteen years.

An excellent evening with New Zealander Mr Finn playing from his whole repertoire including selections from his solo albums ,including his latest Imaginary Kingdoms, Split Enz, Crowded House and other collaborations.

He played excellent versions of Six months in a Leaky Boat,Couldn't be done, Parihaka,Midnight Coma,Poor Boy, Unsinkable, Dirty Creature, Songline, Not Even Close, So precious, Persuasion, Chocolate cake.......Encore 1: How will you go, Shark Attack Encore 2: Astounding Moon, It's Only Natural

The venue we were visiting for the first time and were VERY impressed. It's fairly new you so in very good condition with very pleasant facilities/layout and reasonable prices at the Bar! The staff were very helpful and informative.

However when searching for fodder the on site cafe was found to be poorly stocked with not a PIE in sight.

The only downside of the night was that the REDS were playing at home and went to extra time resulting in a scrum when the concert finished. So along with an accident on the motorway on way home it was a late return home with no Pies. However an intimate excellent venue with a brilliant performance overshadowed the transport issue.


Dragon Slayer said...

........but the Pieman failed in his attempt to lift the Tim Finn poster handing outside the gents.......

Dragon Slayer said...

Loves got teeth and she bites so hard
Leaving you for dead like a deadly shark
And she doesn't leave a lot to be saved

I was swimming in the harbour of your smile
Splashing in the ocean like a child
I didn't know what dangers lurked there
Just beyond the waves
Shark attack!

Well she chewed me up and she spat me out
I didn't want to meet a maneater
Shark attack!

Please don't mess around with me
I'm a shark fatality, in the sea
I'm the one with the bleeding heart
I thought you were a real lifesaver
And life for once would do me a favour
But babys just a butcher, and her teeth are razor sharp
Shark attack!

Yeah she chewed me up and she spat me out
I didn't want to meet a maneater
Shark attack!
And I'm lost at sea and I'm an amputee
And there was slaughter in the water when I fought her
Shark attack!