Saturday, 24 March 2007

Crowded House Reform

The same night we were watching Tim Finn at the Lowry in Manchester his brother Neil was leading a newly reformed Crowded House back on stage in Bristol for their first gig with new drummer Matt Sherrod.

To find out about the NEW album and subscribe to their newsletter just click on Crowded House above to take you to their site.

Although their disposition to Pies is currently unknown. Crowded House are the only band the Pieman can recall eating food onstage during a gig. Smoking, drinking, flowers (The Smiths!), Spouses (Mrs Bono) have all been paraded on stage but no pies or other food.

However Crowded House are the only band witnessed eating on stage during a gig. Again in Manchester at the Academy, Nick Seymour stuffed and consumed a whole Chocolate cake prior to a rendition of the song of the same name. Very impressive, one of those Chocolate logs all in one go.

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