Thursday, 22 March 2007

French Pie Famine

On a recent visit to the culinary centre of the world, according to our French cousins, a Junior member of the Pie Tribe resorts to entering a Spar (Alpe D'Huez ) in search of a Pie.

Upon spying what looked like a Pork Pie on display in the deli area our pie starved offspring dived in. Unfortunately her french not yet being sufficient, the Pie has remained unidentified. It had pastry, with a slight amount of jelly and a meat filling.

However, having previously eaten a Donkey Sausage unwittingly (I thought the donkey logo was the producers company logo!!!!) we can only assume that this was indeed a Pork Pie. As with the picture the the outlook was pretty but bleak when it came to pies.

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