Saturday, 24 January 2015

Great North Pie: White Bean, Goats Cheese, Orange & Cranberry Pie

White Bean, Goats Cheese, Orange & Cranberry Pie

Third offering from the Great North Pie Co pie deal we tried at the recent market in Deva town. Described by themselves as "Braised White beans, five mile goats cheeese, beetroot cream, dried cranberry, orange juice & zest, oregano and caraway".

Now this pie muncher does like Goats cheese  but it is a taste which is divisive amongst family, friends and the Pie Tribe. A bit like marmite you either love it or loathe it. Also some ingredients, for the younger members of the Pie tribe, immediately make them cautious (beetroot definitely being one of them) when approaching something new. 

This is an exceptional Pie without a shadow of a doubt. It shares the same dedication to some basic high standards that all the others that we have tried have. 

The pastry is just right, enough to taste and enough to hold the contents together (if eating by hand). The topping has attention to detail. Rather than just a glaze they have given each a separate delicate identity which adds to the overall experience. All the pies we have tasted are consistent in shape, depth and filling (to the roof) which we like.

The only problem we had over this pie was "how good" and what score could we give. After much debate we decided on (9.6/10) which ranks it definitely as one of the very best pies we have ever tasted. We cannot wait to try some more from this Artisan pie maker whenever we can.

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