Saturday, 24 January 2015

Great North Pie Co: Classic Lancashire Cheese & Onion

Classic Lancashire Cheese & Onion Pie
The second offering from our introduction the Great North Pie Co was their classic Lancashire cheese & onion. They are based in Wilmslow but have a rolling programme of market appearances in Cheshire, Manchester and Derbyshire having won "BEST PUB PIE IN BRITAIN 2014" with this offering.

Described in their leaflet as "Dewlay's Tasty Lancashire cheese, caramelised white onion, white pepper, nutmeg & Japanese breadcrumbs" it was the start of a quite fierce debate amongst the pie tribe. As to it's quality there was no doubt but how it ranked with another offering from the Great North Pie Co, did.

This was very tasty and we collectively gave it a 9.5/10 which puts it easily amongst the best pies we have ever tasted.

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