Friday, 4 April 2014

The Fontenot Effect

The Fontenot Effect takes hold ........Lets Swamp and Roll
Recently had the great pleasure to combine attending the Lymestone Brewery 20/20 festival in Stone and celebrate a friends birthday. Quite apart from the vast array of interesting and delicious brews on offer we got to listen, dance, strut, boogie, stomp, holler and make merry to the best Cajun Zydeco sounds east or west of the Trent.

Musical entertainment for the night was provided by the wonderful Elvis Fontenot and the Sugar Bees. It is our second, welcome, opportunity to enjoy the energy and enthusiasm that they infect the audience with.

They basically set up on a stage amidst the huge metal vats of brewing nectar and played two sets. The first set was a great start and even saw the birthday boy trip the light fandango with a solo performance.

However the second set saw them get into their stride and seduce the audience away from the beer to work it off on the dance floor. It is difficult not to want to get up and start jigging about like a demented electrified marionette when the Fontenots get into their stride.

I didn't keep track of their set list because I was too busy enjoying the night but can vaguely recall Sweet Zydeco Music, Hot Tamale Baby, Dirty Old Dog, Dance Dance Dnace, All day Long, Whiskey or God, Bosso....amongst many others. Check out their album "Three", released April 1st last year and well worth a purchase.

Here we go one last time 
Must give special mention to Lilleys Crazy Goat cider which, after a nice Plum Porter to start the evening with, I didn't stray from. I was having such a good time I forgot to try out the PIES that were on offer.....disaster. Special mention to Lymestone Brewery staff who were excellent (before and during the event) and the friendly Fontenots, who gave a special mention to our birthday boy, when playing their superb version of the Tom Wait song " I don't wanna grow up" which was the icing on the cake. 

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