Monday, 14 April 2014

Jekyll Vs Hyde FC

Hyde FC, bottom of the conference table. Not just bottom but adrift by 23 points from the next team and 36 away from Chester, were unlucky not to get something from this game. Much to the dismay of the Chester fans the referee, who was slightly older than my last haircut, didn't help matters with a truly woeful performance.

Chester with 25 mins or so to play were 3-0 to the good. Granted some of the goals were slightly fortuitous (the second was just so funny), but 3-0 up and to be then hanging on desperately and so badly was scary, like watching a horror movie from behind a cushion.

Bodies all over the pitch, the referee losing control and stopping the game. We think because he wasn't sure what to do! The red card was going to come and of course it didn't help matters and encouraged the Hyde team to keep trying. They scored from two free kicks taken virtually from the same spot.

However all in all it was certainly entertaining but I've never enjoyed Horror as genre and although comedy does have its place I'd prefer it not to be on the pitch. Four games to play and nightmares all the way.......

More importantly on a crisp sunny, threatening rain, day the Stadia version of Holland's Peppered Steak was the pie of choice and didn't let us down. Premiership taste and style unlike the football !

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