Saturday, 29 March 2014

Pie n Mash

Beef, Bacon & Red Wine Pie
After a trip to the Emirates and a pretty awful time on the tube, sustenance was required on our recent London jaunt. We stepped out of the Mole highway at the delightful Tower Hill. With it's views of the Tower, Thames and Shard it was welcome change to the armpits of the sweaty on the life sucking Mole highway.

After a brief period chillin and catching up with messages it was decided to alter plans. Repairing to a nearby public hostelry for a libation was  a very wise and welcome decision. We chose the Minories Pub only a minutes walk away. Finding Peroni on draught was a welcome start to our respite. Comfy seating with plenty of room, no overbearing music and sport on the huge TVs meant we settled in quite quickly.

Further discussion of the day led us to decide to stop and eat, as there seemed to be a reasonable choice which included PIE. After much debate, discussion and consideration all of us went for the Beef, Bacon & Red Wine Pie pictured above. Encased in shortcrust pastry it came with buttery mash, some green stuff and a serving of gravy to cover everything with.

Some comments were noted about the dryness of the pastry in part and the fullness of the pie content but overall I think the consensus of opinion was that this pie hit the spot. The meat and gravy content was tasty, the mash wasn't school lumpy and overall we would definitely repeat the choice given the opportunity.

The Market Porter

Suitably refreshed we then headed out for a bimble across and along the River Thames stopping occasionally for some much needed refreshment  in some delightful spots, the Market Porter being a memorable one. 

Although I would definitely recommend avoiding the Brown Cow beer mmmmmm On this particular evening the  weather was very kind, almost balmy and made strolling around very enjoyable. London at night lit up looked fantastic and as a backdrop would be hard to beat.

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