Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Gooners Day

The continuing birthday celebration of Bilbo Baggins led our happy band to the Emirates stadium in North London to watch the Gooners take on the mighty blues of Everton in the 6th Round of the FA Cup.

An early kick off (12:45pm) saw us up and out promptly from the hotel on a sunny glorious day in London. This seemed to put most people in a good mood. The stadium is magnificent even if the result was not so good!!! Plenty of room and great facilities it is massive step up from some the pits we've been to in the past. 

Depite the fact that three of our party are blues and the odd one out is a red (Liverpool kind), we still had a good time, in with the Arsenal faithful. One criticism though of the ground was that they ran out of Pies which is unforgivable !!!!!

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