Saturday, 18 January 2014

Pie and Bovril

Hollands Meat & Potato Image: ©GeorgioImages

Over the festive period, in the company of some exiled Cestrians (Billy, John Boy, Elrico), we went in search of Pie and Football at the Exacta Stadium. With the mighty Chester playing the giants of the north east Gateshead AFC. A bright cold day had us wrapped up warm and searching for the Pies.

Delighted to find the Pies on sale were Hollands Pies, not so delighted at the £3.00 price tag. But more than delighted when they arrived (Peppered Steak) as they were twice the size we are used to, so the price was actually very acceptable. Also some of us had the added bonus of Bovril mmmmmm. The football itself was interesting and entertaining if not quite on a par with Premiership level !!! A 1-1 result was probably a fair reflection of the game overall.

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