Friday, 17 January 2014

Crims in the Cathedral

First gig of the year saw the Pieman and Georgio stepping out to Manchester Cathedral, for some groovin with the fantastic Fun Lovin Criminals. An unusual venue for a rock style concert but excellent nonetheless.

The sound on the night was not brilliant, which may have be acoustics or first night of the tour gremlins. At first this was hardly noticed but eventually there was some downtime to sort out Hueys guitar/amp/lead issue before proceeding on without interuption. 

However during this difficulty Huey & the Crims were relaxed and cool about it all. The innate ebullient nature of Mr Morgan seemed to infest the crowd with general good humour and a determination to enjoy themselves which they duly did. With some excellent tunes, raps, playing ...... underpinned by the pistol crack drive of the drums from the big presence of Mr Frank Benbini it was easy to get sucked in to having a good time!!
Sweeping through funk, soul, rap, hip hop, jazzy, punk, rock you certainly don't get bored with the Fun Lovin Criminals.

Bear Hug, King of New York, Southside, All for self, Back on the Block, Loco, Up on the Hill, Swashbucklin' in Brooklyn, Scooby Snacks, Where the Bums Go,10th street, I Can't Get With That, Come Find Yourself, Classic Fantastic, Big Night Out, Will I Be Ready Encore: Bombin' the L Love Unlimited,  Live, Have, Love, The Fun Lovin' Criminal

Set aside for the journey home a Phil Salt Butchers, pork pie to eradicate the late night munchies. On this occasion a little heavy on the jelly but excellent meat/pastry combination as ever.

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