Monday, 7 October 2013

Mr Persuader

Mr Persuader by Idreamofpies

Mr Persuader, a photo by Idreamofpies on Flickr.

Saturday night at Wrexham Central Station and I am persuaded that Mr Johnny Marr is brilliant. A sold out Central Station saw Mr Marr take to the stage preceded by the Persuaders Theme (Top Tune). 

A great gig, even with a slightly dodgy sound. Which may have been due to where we were standing, left of stage and close to speakers. However it didn't matter, he was great and can't recommend him highly enough. He played a lot of his latest album release, "The Messenger" with plenty enough to like about it and chucked in 5/6 Smiths tunes, an electronic song and a rousing version of the Crickets " I Fought the Law".

"How Soon Is Now" was a highlight of the night for me. Low point was when the Photo Fascists (Security) stopped me taking piccies although prior permission had been sought and given from the venue !!!!

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