Friday, 4 October 2013

Hollands Steak & Stilton New FAVOURITE Pie !

Hollands Pie Heaven, Albert Square Chop House

The Pie tribe enjoyed a great evening at the recent "Hollands Pies and Ale tasting" in Manchester. Hosting the evening was the The Albert Square Chop House. Compere for the evening was fascinating Mr Tom Bridges (Pie Master) who was on fine form introducing the various Pies on offer with enthusiasm and keen insightful knowledge.

A number of pies were available with a suggested ale to go with each. Of great interest were some new pies, due to go on sale we believe in 2014, in particular the Hunters Chicken pie and the Steak & Stilton, part of the new Pub classics range. Below is our reviewers morsel by morsel account of each!!!

Chicken + Gravypart of 2 pack frozen range available from Sept 2013 in Tesco nationwide,  microwave in 3 mins. Generous portions of chicken not just stingy bits in tons of gravy. Tastes well nice
Hunters chicken piepub classics for 2014. Bacon, pepper, mushrooms, bbq sauce, cheese, chicken breast and thigh. Cheese is a good addition and makes veg and sauce taste better. Chicken got a bit lost in stronger flavours but not a bad pie.

Peppered Steakto launch 2014, hard to do wrong and one they always do well. New addition of peppercorns to top are brilliant adds a good extra kick. Sauce remains tasty and creamy as always, nice crispy pastry.

Potato and Meat bestseller – not a new one but cracking! P+M not my favourite type of pie but still a good pie, apparently uses Wilja and Esitma taters.

Cheese and onionagain not a new one, but there because who doesn’t like cheese and onion? Remains excellent.

Steak and Stiltonpart of new pub classics range to be launched in 2014.  Best pie ever!! Strong stilton flavour but not too overpowering. can still taste the steak and good gravy sauce. MY NEW FAVOURITE PIE 

This is a tremendous compliment given the number of pies we try !!!!! We have in the past enjoyed a Steak/Stilton combination in a pie from a number of artisan pie makers with success. But this is the best we've ever tasted from one of the big boys. We can't wait to get our chops on more.

Many thanks to all the staff on the night from Hollands Pies who made us feel very welcome and supplied us with such tasty Pie.

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