Sunday, 4 November 2012

Unknown Pleasures: Peter Hook

As part of the Chester literature festival we headed to the Laugh Inn to listen to Peter Hook (Warsaw, Joy Division, New Order, Monaco ........) talking about his new book Unknown Pleasures which concentrates on the period of his career with Joy Division specifically.

The evening is fairly informal and relaxed in approach taking the form of an interview on stage with a couple of large rescued prints (from the Anton Corbijn produced Atmosphere video) as a backdrop.

The prints which overlook the stage are both of Ian Curtis and it is a frank Peter Hook who, in hindsight, blames himself and fellow band mates for the untimely demise of the singer. As an interview it meanders all over the place and this is no bad thing as one question sets off a flow of chatter that is open, interesting and it would seem refreshingly honest.

He is quite self-deprecating about his career, no subject seems taboo and the failure of the Hacienda Club is repeatedly cited as an example of their individual/collective ignorance of organisation and abysmal business acumen. The evening finishes with a question and answer session from an appreciative audience.

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