Friday, 23 March 2012

National Pie Week: Near Disaster

During the recent National Pie Week the Pie tribe deliberately abstained from pies all week with the intention of descending on Sue Cowards fine establishment, in Frodsham High Street, on the Saturday of Pie week to indulge. Unfortunately we were not aware of her early closing time on a Saturday afternoon aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh !!!!!!

Fortunately we did manage to locate some Pies at the Devonshire Bakery outlet just up the road. They even put them in a box and tied a ribbon around it. We sampled the Meat & Potato Pie (8.75/10), Steak Pie (9/10..."a nice bit of Cow" according to Student Pie), Sausage Roll (7/10), Cornish Roll (7/10) and a Beef Pie (5/10).


Dragonslayer said...

Knightly family were also recently caught out by the Saturday early closure!

Pieman said...

All week I had refused tempting offers from all over. I avoided going in any of the usual tempting emporiums. It wasn't that late in the day but I'm sure people could hear my screams at home.