Friday, 23 March 2012

Abominable Snowman In The Market

Simple 1 man 1 guitar & 1 man small drum Kit, light show.. on or off, venue querky and on stage for not much more than 1Hr 20 mins doesn't sound great but it was!! Jonathan Richman with just one guitar (spanish) and drummer Tommy Larkin were just brilliant.

They came onstage to no fanfare and went stright into six bars of Roadrunner before morphing into something else and then onto allsorts of songs, some introduced, some not!!

Some on stage dancing/jigging/movement, chatting with the audience and some very self deprecating humour without turning the evening into a comedy show. Songs in spanish, songs in french, songs to dance to, Songs to think about, songs to sing to, songs to cry to, holler, whoop ...whatever you need.

I don't imagine everyone would like or appreciate Mr Richman but he is different, very different and quite unlike any gig I've seen in a long time.

The audience were excellent joining in and making the evening so much more enjoyable apart one drunken oaf next to me who disappeared after a while fortunately to empty his bladder and couldn't find his way back. The club itself was interesting, the Kazimier. I hope we get the chance to hear/see him again he was excellent.

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