Thursday, 30 June 2011

Ynys Mon

Taking advantage of the predicted good weather we made some butties, collected Lee Craig, the Pie Pincess No2 and headed to Ynys Mon for the day. Our first stop at Newborough beach was aborted at the entrance to the car park when we didn't have correct change to get through the barrier.

So we headed on to Aberfraw village just a few miles further up the coast, which in hindsight proved to be an excellent decision. We walked along the retreating tidal river to the main beach to be greeted by wall to wall blue sky and a not very crowded, clean unspoilt beach....happy days.

After a few hours eating, swimming, lazing, walking, reading, burning we headed back to the village and carried on around the island to meet up with Von Smallhousen and Kathy L at Trearddur Bay. Unfortunately all the beer had gone (big surprise) but it was a welcome respite nonetheless.

After leaving there reluctantly, we then went into Holyhead for Fish, Chips & Peas sitting on Beach Road overlooking the harbour just chillin. Then it was a walk round Penrhos Country Park as the sun began to dip in the sky.

On the way home we managed to sqeeze in a visit to Rhyl to see Cousin Gilly, Chris, Custard and Chilli. A most excellent way to finish an excellent blistering day. More please......

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